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Character Dialogue
Chief Bogo At the Z.P.D., morale is important. That's why, once a month, I go out and buy donuts for the whole squad.
Chief Bogo Happy mammals are productive mammals, after all! Donut Day IS usually a high point for our precinct's arrest record.
Chief Bogo Unfortunately, they prefer that shop in Little Rodentia... Which means I have to be rather careful about where I step.

Donut Day![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Chief Bogo
Level 5
Send Bogo to Little Rodentia for donuts.[1]
"Donut Day!"
16h Experience25, Magic150
  1. Requires Little Rodentia
Character Dialogue
Chief Bogo No butterscotch-frosted twice-battered beignets? That's the second month in a row...
Chief Bogo Maybe their deep fryer is broken? Or maybe...
Chief Bogo Ah... yes. Clawhauser DID mention that he was getting up an hour early today.
Chief Bogo Can't discipline a desk sergeant for loving donuts. No one would take the position if I did...