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Character Dialogue
Scuttle Sebastian! There you are, you ol' sea dog, you! Boy, when you swim around the block, you REALLY swim around the--
Sebastian Not now, Scuttle. I am only here because... *sigh...* I need you to tell me what THIS is.
Scuttle You DO!? Well, you came to the right waterfowl, bucko! C'mon, c'mon: Step into my office so I can examinate this properly.


Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Sebastian & Scuttle to talk in the Grotto.[1]
"Talk in Ariel's Grotto"
8h Experience5, Trident Sand Shells50
Level 4
  1. Requires Ariel's Grotto
Character Dialogue
Scuttle Oh. Ohhhhh! Very interesting... This is a find, right here. This is even rarer than the normal kind!
Scuttle You know about snarfblatts, right? About how humans use 'em to make magniforous music with?
Scuttle Well, this here's an earlier-model snarfblatt. Dates from an era when they hadn't figured out how to get the plant out of it yet.
Scuttle Not in much use now, though. Wasn't long before humans got fed up with havin' to water the thing every day!
Sebastian ... I am leaving.