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Dewey Ears Hat Token is a rare token used to welcome and/or level up Dewey.

How to obtain

Character Activity + Time Rewards Conflicts
Level 4
Grab Belongings
* Donald's Boat
4h Experience13, Magic110 Louie Ears Hat Token
Level 3
Wait for Uncle
* Donald's Boat
4h Experience13, Magic110 Nala Paw Print Token
Scrooge McDuck
Level 3
Activity with Visual Animation Go For a Swim
* The Money Bin
4h Experience13, Magic110 Huey's Rocket Toy Token Louie's Toy Car Token
Level 5
Grab a Bite
* Daisy's Diner
6h Experience16, Magic155 Elastigirl Mask Token Honeymaren's Staff Token Dangerous Balloon Token
Roger's Hat Token
Level 7
Play the Claw
* Pizza Planet
8h Experience20, Magic200 A Toy Token Lock Ears Hat Token FO Stormtrooper Helmet Token
Daisy Duck
Level 7
Visit Minnie's House
* Minnie's House
12h Experience29, Magic275 Sailor Hat Token Donald Ears Hat Token
Other Source
Silver Chest Silver Chest
* Special Chance Only
Instant x1
Resource Chest Resource Chest Instant x1
The Money Bin
Ench. Level 2
The Money Bin: Diving into Riches 8h Experience16, Magic129 A Found Coin Token Scrooge McDuck Ears Hat Token