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December Holiday Gifting 2017
December Holiday Gifting 2017
1st December 2017 - 25th December 2017

T'is the season of giving! Login everyday between 1st - 25th December to receive a free gift!


Day Rewards
Day 1 (1st December) Ice Cream Stand
Day 2 (2nd December) Magic500
Day 3 (3rd December) Ice Bench
Day 4 (4th December) Elixirs150
Day 5 (5th December) Platinum Chest
Day 6 (6th December) Mining Jewels Display
Day 7 (7th December) Grimhilde Coins100
Day 8 (8th December) Magical Chests
Day 9 (9th December) Gems5
Day 10 (10th December) Hot Chocolate Stand
Day 11 (11th December) Grimhilde Coins250
Day 12 (12th December) Magical Chests
Day 13 (13th December) Frozen Fountain
Day 14 (14th December) Peppermint Lollipops Stand
Day 15 (15th December) Magical Chests
Day 16 (16th December) Elixirs350
Day 17 (17th December) Grimhilde Coins500
Day 18 (18th December) Reindeer Headband Stand
Day 19 (19th December) Magical Chests
Day 20 (20th December) Gold Chest
Day 21 (21st December) Grimhilde Coins1,500
Day 22 (22nd December) Gems10
Day 23 (23rd December) Magical Chests
Day 24 (24th December) Santa Mickey Hat Stand
Day 25 (25th December) Sapphire Chests