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December Calendar Poll 2019
December Calendar Poll 2019
18th November 2019 - 24th November 2019

The December Calendar Poll 2019 was a Facebook poll began on 18th November 2019 and ended on 24th November 2019 to get December Calendar.

Players could vote on various items to create the December Calendar.

Poll Options

Token Options Winner
December 1st Common Blueprint Token20 Common Blueprint Token20
Character Scroll Token3
December 5th Disney Parks Relic Token15 Disney Parks Relic Token15
Mickey & Friends Relic Token15
December 10th Pirates of the Caribbean Relic Token10 Pirates of the Caribbean Relic Token10
Toy Story Relic Token10
December 15th Concession Chest Concession Chest
Decoration Chest3
December 20th Bambi Relic Token5 Bambi Relic Token5
Cinderella Relic Token5
December 25th Attraction Enchantment Chest3 + Happiness10 + Elixirs1,000 Red Ribbon Chest
Red Ribbon Chest
December 31th Bc-peppermint lollipops stand.png Bc-peppermint lollipops stand.png
Bc-reindeer headband stand.png