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Character Dialogue
Tiana ... And then she said she was gonna help us take down the Shadow Man! Naveen's sorry he didn't listen to her in the first place...
Mama Odie HA! So Hopalong done learned his lesson himself, after all! It's like I kept tellin' him: "LISTEN TO YOUR MAMA!"
Mama Odie He just had to learn it was YOUR mama. She ain't no wicked step-nobody: She got sense in her, and 'bout time y'all saw it!
Tiana Heh... she really does, doesn't she? I'm glad we realized that... I just wish ANY of us knew what the Shadow Man was really up to.
Mama Odie Oh, THAT joker? I known his plan from the start, child -- just waitin' for y'all to do the growin' you needed! Listen close...

Dawn Breaks[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Tiana and Mama Odie to talk at her Tree.[1]
"Talk at Mama Odie's Tree"
2h Experience5, Voodoo Coins50
Mama Odie
Level 4
Character Dialogue
Prince Naveen ... THAT is why he kidnapped you? So he could magic up somebody to impersonate you, just like he did to me?
Prince Naveen Whew, boy... I mean, it IS a plan -- but so unoriginal! I suppose the Shadow Man is derivative as well as charismatic...
Tiana More like desperate. He grabbed me first, without even figuring out all the OTHER things he needs for his scheme to work.
Tiana And if he still needs all that... then I think I know how we can stop him.
Tiana And I do mean all of us. The only way this'll work is if WE work together! Here's how...