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The Davy Jones Ears Hat Token is used to Level Up Davy Jones.

How to obtain

Character Activity + Time Rewards Conflicts
Tia Dalma
Level 7
Making Plans
* Pirates of the Caribbean
Captain Barbossa
Lvl 8
4h Experience17, Magic150 Heart Chest TokenDavy Jones
Will Turner
Level 6
Activity with Visual Animation Testing the Blade 6h Experience16, Magic155 Dale Ears Hat TokenDale Partysaurus Helmet TokenRex Anastasia Tremaine Ears Hat TokenAnastasia Tremaine
Ducky Ears Hat TokenDucky
Jack Sparrow
Level 6
Activity with Visual Animation Really Bad Eggs 6h Experience16, Magic155
Mickey Mouse
Level 5
Visit Goofy's Playhouse
* Goofy's Playhouse
8h Experience20, Magic200 R2-D2 Ears Hat TokenR2-D2 Monsters, Inc. Hard Hat TokenMike Wazowski Leafy Mane TokenSimba
March Hare Ears Hat TokenMarch Hare
Other Source Time Rewards
Silver Chest Silver Chest Instant


Resource Chest Resource Chest Instant


Davy Jones's Organ Davy Jones's Organ: Playing a Haunting Melody
* Enchantment Level 1
6h Experience12, Magic109