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Character Dialogue
Kylo Ren Hux is a blinkered fool... Putting his faith only in armies and machines. He knows nothing of the true power of the Force.
Kylo Ren But Rey... Well. She'll be turned, or she'll be destroyed -- and either way, she'll be easy to find.
Kylo Ren All I have to do is reach out...

Darkness Rises[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kylo Ren
Level 1
Send Kylo Ren to search for Rey.
"Search for Rey"
2h Experience5, Galactic Credits/201950
Character Dialogue
Kylo Ren Rrrrgh... She's resisting me. I can feel it. And I still can't see her surroundings... Not enough to find her location.
Kylo Ren But it's only a matter of time before she slips... and when that happens, I'll be waiting.