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Character Dialogue
Timothy Q Now, look, Dumbo: I don't know what's got ya so down all of a sudden, but you gotta snap out of it! We got a show to do!
Dumbo ...
Timothy Q Aaah, don't be like that... Just look outside at all the folks lined up to see ya! If that ain't inspirin', I don't know--
Timothy Q ... WHOA, NELLIE!!! How did so many PEOPLE get out there?! That's enough to give ANYONE sudden-onset stage fright...
Timothy Q I get it... That's why you got the feather, huh? 'Cause you're feelin' down... Well, you just let your old pal Timothy pep you up!
Dumbo !

Darkest Before the Dawn[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Dumbo and Timothy to have a pep talk.
"Have a Pep Talk"
6h Experience30, Magic250
Timothy Q
Level 3
Character Dialogue
Timothy Q I know how ya feel, Dumbo... but just think about this for a second! Did ya quit when they locked your mother up?
Dumbo ?
Timothy Q You didn't! And when they called you a freak even though you didn't even do nothin'? Made you a clown? Did ya quit then?
Dumbo !
Timothy Q That's right: You didn't! And when that feather slipped outta your trunk -- when you was in the middle of your grand finale?
Dumbo !!
Timothy Q Right! Dumbo ain't no quitter -- especially not when there's an audience waitin' to be amazed! So: What're you gonna do now?!
Dumbo !!!!!