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Character Dialogue
Oogie Boogie Ooh, that Jack... Thinks he's the best thing to happen to Halloween since the electric chair....
Oogie Boogie Guy's got no CLASS! No STYLE! No SAVOIR-FAIRE!
Oogie Boogie And he DEFINITELY ain't got any of my DANCE MOVES!

Dancin' Ghoul[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Oogie Boogie
Level 2
Send Oogie out to DANCE!
"Do the Oogie Dance"
60m Experience5, Wooden Pumpkins50
Character Dialogue
Oogie Boogie THAT'S the stuff! Like to SEE that skinny little skeleton-man match THAT kinda moxie...
Oogie Boogie Let this be a lesson to ya... You wanna win a dance contest? Try bein' twelve thousand bugs in a ten-foot bag!
Oogie Boogie Oh, wait... Looks like I've gone and cornered the market! Ha HAA!!!