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Character Dialogue
Maleficent So much of my beautiful darkness... destroyed! I shall have to craft a NEW spell... one to slow those who would thwart me...
Mickey Mouse Gosh, Goof... maybe it's just me, but the Curse seems a little stronger today!
Goofy It ain't just you, Mick! Boy, if only my tuba wasn't in the shop, I'd help ya cheer everyone up with a little music!
Mickey Mouse Aw, don't worry about it, Goof -- I've got a few good solos I've been working on, anyway!

Curse-al Reversal[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Mickey Mouse
Level 2
Send Mickey to play away the Curse.
"Play Away the Curse"
2m Experience5, Rose Emblems50
Character Dialogue
Mickey Mouse Hmm... well, that helped a LITTLE... but not as much as usual! Maybe I wasn't playing fortissimo enough?
Mickey Mouse I'm SURE music can help counter the Curse somehow... but I've just gotta figure out how!