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Character Dialogue
Sina Something has been different about this island, lately. It's... livelier. I think that's the best way to describe it?
Sina Ever since we realized that our people weren't the first to settle here...
Sina ... Well. It's hard not to notice when they get excited about something. And it's hard for US not to get excited, too!
Sina I wonder what they could be up to this time...

Cultural Exchange[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Sina to investigate the occasion.
"Investigate the Occasion"
4h Experience10, Sand Dollars75
Character Dialogue
Sina A day to honor family traditions and remember our ancestors from past generations, hmm...? That's a wonderful idea!
Sina I don't want to make any direct comparisons... but it's a little like what our people do around New Year's.
Sina You know -- when you can first see that cluster of nine stars on the horizon!
Sina The traditions are different depending on which island you live on -- but family and community are important to all of them.
Sina It's nice to know that it's important to other people, too!