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Character Dialogue
Alice It looks as if the Queen is almost finished preparing for the tournament... if shouting at a hedgehog is any way to "prepare."
Alice I suppose I should take to the field, then... Those creatures are counting on me to save them!
Alice ... If only I didn't have to knock them into one another to do so. It seems like a rather contrary sort of way to help somebody...
Alice Maybe I could just... persuade the hedgehogs to roll through the proper wickets? It's certainly worth a try...

Croquet? Okay![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Alice and the Queen into the Golden Afternoon.[1]
"Play the Tournament!"
4h Experience10, Vinyl Records75
Queen of Hearts
Level 1
Character Dialogue
Alice *ahem...* Well, Your Majesty? I believe that's the last game won in my favor...
Queen of Hearts GrrRRR!!! If there ISN'T a rule forbidding the respectful persuasion of croquet balls in future tournaments... I SHALL MAKE ONE!
Alice And that is your prerogative, Your Majesty. But as for THIS tournament...
Alice ...well, what kind of Queen would you be if you didn't keep your word?
Alice Like no sort of respectable Queen that I've ever heard of...