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Character Dialogue
Judy Hopps "Get criminal tonight...?" No... "Gonna... cry, tonight?" Nah -- definitely not. ... Ooh! "GIGANTIC CHINCHILLA TONI--"
Nick Wilde Whoa, whoa, whoa -- cool your jets, there, Fluffypants. We're not gonna figure out what that note means by guessing randomly.
Nick Wilde Let's play this by the book: You search the records for mentions of "G.C.," and I'll ask around and see what I can dig up.
Judy Hopps Wow, that's... actually the most professional thing I've heard you say all week!

Critical Evidence[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Judy Hopps
Level 4
Send Judy to research what the note might mean.
"Research the Note"
24h Experience25, Magic150
Nick Wilde
Level 3
Send Nick to ask around about the note.
"Ask Around about the Note"
Character Dialogue
Judy Hopps Well, no luck on my end -- unless we think the Chief's moonlighting as a "garbage collector."
Nick Wilde Ha!All right, now I can't stop imagining the guy in coveralls -- so that's MY day made.
Nick Wilde Lucky for both of us I got a lead that ISN'T ridiculous. Behold: The other half of the receipt!
Judy Hopps Nick -- you're a life saver! Let's see... it's from somewhere called "The Big Donut"... and there's more of the Chief's handwriting!
Judy Hopps "TELL NO ONE." I've got a bad feeling about this...