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Character Dialogue
Elastigirl Dash... Violet... Your report cards came in the mail today, and...
Dash It's not MY fault! Mr. Kropp has it out for me! And who needs--
Violet I can explain. I was practicing my invisibility, like you said, and I forgot about the test, and--
Elastigirl Enough! Look, I'm not mad... but being a Super doesn't mean you can let things slide in class. Tonight, you two start studying!

Cram Session

Character Activities Time Rewards
Level 4
Send Elastigirl home to supervise the kids. *
"Supervise the Kids"
4h Incredibles Currency25
Level 3
Send Dash and Violet to study at home.[1]
"Study at Home"
Level 2
Character Dialogue
Dash ... And a half plus a third is... five-sixths. Ugh... FINALLY! That worksheet took forever!
Violet I'm done, too... Thanks for helping out, Mom. But will we REALLY use this stuff if we're just gonna be Supers?
Elastigirl Absolutely! Remind me to tell you about the time your dad and I did battle with The Fractionator...
Elastigirl It took seven-eighths of an hour just to disarm his Long Division Laser Ray!