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Character Dialogue
Judy Hopps We've got the evidence... we've got the suspect... What d'you say, partner? Ready to make the collar?
Nick Wilde Eesh... easy on the "C-word," there, Slick. Not something you wanna throw around near a member of the canine family.
Judy Hopps Oh no! Sorry... I'll be more careful next time. ... You still want to go in and give Chief Bogo the business, though, right?
Nick Wilde Oh, yeah, let's nail him to the wall! I just can't pass up a chance to give you a hard time. The look on your face...!

Cracking the Case[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Judy Hopps
Level 7
Send Judy and Nick to see the Chief at the Zootopia P.D.[1]
"Check in with the Chief"
2h Experience25, Magic150
Nick Wilde
Level 7
  1. Requires Zootopia P.D.
Character Dialogue
Chief Bogo Hopps! I... Before you ask, I... I was downtown working on a VERY SENSITIVE CASE, and I--
Judy Hopps Permission to speak freely, Sir?
Chief Bogo ... Ahem! Yes. Granted. Permission granted.
Judy Hopps Next time you want to go to a "Gazelle concert" at 8:00, just TELL US IN ADVANCE!!!
Judy Hopps This is ZOOTOPIA, for crying out loud! Who's going to judge you for liking pop music?!