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Costume Shop is an attraction released with Halloween Event Update on 12th October 2016.


Costume Shop is where you can change some of your favorite characters into new outfits taht you unlock!

Unlock Costumes!

  • By welcoming and leveling up characters, you'll gain access to exciting new costumes for some of them!

Collect Fabric Tokens and Magic!

Create and Equip Costumes in the Costume Shop!

  • Tap on the Costume Shop to see wich characters have costumes. When a costume has been unlocked, tap on it to equip it to the character!

Perform Unique Activities!

  • Unique activities are unlocked when characters are wearing a costume. Equip other costumes and earn different rewards!

Permanent Costumes

Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse (Classic) Mickey Mouse (Halloween) Mickey Mouse (Pirate) Mickey Mouse (Sorcerer Mickey) Mickey Mouse (Tuxedo Mickey)
Classic Halloween Pirate Sorcerer Mickey Tuxedo Mickey
Classic Fabric Token8, Mickey Gloves TokenMickey Mouse15, Mickey Ears Hat TokenMickey Mouse15 Mickey Gloves TokenMickey Mouse5, Blue Fabric Token5 Blue Fabric Token1 Red Star Fabric Token65, Blue Moon Fabric Token30, Rope Material Fabric Token15
Magic1,928 Magic2,500 Magic50 Magic1,940 Gems120

Goofy (Halloween) Goofy (Pirate)
Halloween Pirate
Goofy's Hat TokenGoofy10, Blue Fabric Token10, Green Dot Fabric Token5
Magic5,000 Gems120

Daisy Duck
Daisy Duck (Halloween)
Daisy Bow TokenDaisy Duck20, Purple Fabric Token12, Green Dot Fabric Token10

Pete (Classic)
Classic Fabric Token20, Buttoned Classic Fabric Token15, Pete Ears Hat TokenPete15

Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse (Classic) Minnie Mouse (Halloween) Minnie Mouse (Pirate)
Classic Halloween Pirate
Classic Fabric Token20, Buttoned Classic Fabric Token15, Minnie Bow TokenMinnie Mouse25 Minnie Bow TokenMinnie Mouse25, Purple Fabric Token15, Red Striped Fabric Token15 Minnie Bow TokenMinnie Mouse50, Minnie Ears Hat TokenMinnie Mouse50, Pirate Fabric Token20
Magic100,000 Magic50,000 Magic50,000

Donald Duck
Donald Duck (Halloween) Donald Duck (Pirate)
Halloween Pirate
Sailor Hat TokenDonald Duck25, White & Blue Pattern Fabric Token15, Orange Pattern Fabric Token15
Magic75,000 Gems120

Bo Peep
Bo Peep (Toy Story 4)
Toy Story 4
Bo Peep Ears Hat TokenBo Peep15, Purple Button Fabric Token30, Blue Scallop Fabric Token30

Jack Sparrow
Jack Sparrow (Captain's Coat)
Captain's Coat
Magic Compass TokenJack Sparrow40, Jack Ears Hat TokenJack Sparrow40, Pirate Fabric Token40