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Character Dialogue
Nemo Don't worry, Crush... I actually thought of something while you were away!
Nemo Mr. Ray always said that, if we ever got lost on a class trip, to swim back to the reef and wait for him...
Nemo ... So maybe everybody found a reef here to go to! Do you remember seeing anything like that when you were looking around?
Crush Whoa... Solid detective work there, little dude! Lemee meditate on it...

Coral Relief[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build the Seas with Nemo and Friends.[1] 8h Experience50, Sand Dollars50
  1. Requires Crush Level 2
Character Dialogue
Crush Whoa... Dude. Not to alarm you? But I just got a SERIOUS brainstorm, dude.
Crush There's this whole stretch of reef I saw that's, like, TOTALLY fish city!
Crush I remember 'cause I almost ate some of the coral? But then I was like, "Dude, you're on an all-seagrass cleanse this month!"
Nemo Wow... Thanks, Crush! Let's go there and look... and good job staying healthy, I guess!
Crush Much obliged, little dude. It's worth it to live clean, y'know?