Character Dialogue
Cara Dune When you didn't show after Greef Karga cornered you, I figured you'd pulled something like this. Can't say I blame you.
The Mandalorian Yeah... *grunt*-- He... he got into my head a little. But this isn't all on him.
The Mandalorian I never had anyone depending on me, before the kid... not really. Never thought about who I'd let down if a job went wrong.
The Mandalorian I've got to do right by him, Cara. If I'm not the kind who can...
Cara Dune You are. Doesn't matter if Greef Karga or anyone else thinks so. And once your head's on straight again, you'll KNOW it.


Character Activities Time Rewards
The Mandalorian
Level 5
Send Mando and Cara Dune to take a breather.
"Take a Breather"
2h Experience5, Galactic Credits50
Cara Dune
Level 3
Character Dialogue
Cara Dune Better?
The Mandalorian Better. ... Thanks.
Cara Dune Hey: After I "tracked you halfway across Sorgan and took you down barehanded"? A little pep talk's the least I can do.
The Mandalorian Heh... Don't push it. Can't believe THAT'S the story we landed on for how you brought me in, and we never even used it...
The Mandalorian Still... better that than the whole Jawa angle.


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