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Character Dialogue
Prince Charming (Snow White) From the moment I set eyes on Snow White, I hoped our hearts would be together one day...
Prince Charming (Snow White) And that was before I even knew she was princess... Or, come to think of it, before she knew I was a prince!
Prince Charming (Snow White) But titles like that... they don't matter, not really. Not when you can feel a song in your heart just by speaking to someone!

Constant and True[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Prince Charming (Snow White)
Level 1
Send Prince Charming to sing the song in his heart.
"Sing the Song"
2h Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
Prince Charming (Snow White) Ah... A song just as clear and true as the first day I heard it. And it gets clearer, too -- every day I'm with Snow White!
Prince Charming (Snow White) Some may call her Fairest of them All, it's true... but her real beauty is in her heart. And that's all that matters to me!
Prince Charming (Snow White) That kind of beauty... Why, it only grows deeper with time!