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Character Dialogue
Maleficent Hmph! Hardly a setback at all... THAT spell was merely a taste of what's to come.
Merlin Ha Ha! Good show -- good show! The forces of evil may be on the rise, but they're no match for us!

Character Dialogue
Maleficent Hah! If THAT simple a hex stymied my foes, then this next spell will destroy them utterly!
Merlin Steady on! No matter the obstacles in our way, the forces of good will win out... Or my name isn’t Merlin! ... Wich it is.

Character Dialogue
Mrs Ever since Jack-Jack got powers (and ever since I FOUND OUT Jack-Jack got powers), playtime's been... a little more interesting.
Mrs Still -- nothing makes that boy happier than a game of hide-and-seek! I guess there's no improving on the classics.
Mrs ... Aside from one of us being elastic, anyway.
Mrs It's a little easier to "seek" when you can get your head all the way behind the couch!

Come to Mama![]

Character Activity Time Rewards Tokens
Level 1
Send Mrs. Incredible to play hide-and-seek.
"Play Hide-and-Seek"
2h Maleficent Coins125 Refresh Token1
Character Dialogue
Mrs Yoo-hoo! Jack-Jack! Mama's coming to getcha!
Mrs Hmm... He's actually harder to find than usual, today.
Mrs Either he's entered a new developmental stage, or he's zapped himself into another dimension again...
Mrs I'm going to hope it's the first one.