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Character Dialogue
Hiro You know... Aunt Cass has a catering gig today, so if we sneak in the back and make sure we aren't spotted, we SHOULD be okay.
Honey Lemon Great! ... And can I say how glad I am that your aunt is expanding her business, Hiro? It's so inspiring!
Hiro Heh... Yeah, I guess she IS pretty great -- but less talking, more sneaking!
Honey Lemon Got it! I'll email her my yuzu-mango cupcake recipe AFTER we analyze those microdrone photos.

Closed for Private Event[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Hiro and Honey to sneak into the Lucky Cat.[1]
"Sneak into the Lucky Cat"
4h Experience5, Medical Chips50
Honey Lemon
Level 2
  1. Requires Lucky Cat Café
Character Dialogue
Hiro That's Yokai, all right... Is he moving more twitchily than usual, or is the video just laggy?
Honey Lemon I'm not sure... I was paying attention to that little yellow thing moving around in the corner of the frame. See?
Hiro Oh, yeah... Wait... What IS that? Can you zoom in and enhance the image?
Honey Lemon I think that's only possible on police procedurals, Hiro... but I CAN add a face filter! See? Now the yellow thing has cat ears!
Hiro Huh... That... actually helps, somehow.