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Sorry! Still got plenty of nuts to find!

Chip is a character released with Beauty and the Beast Event, Chip and Dale Update on 8th March 2017, and is a part of the Mickey and Friends character collection.


Chip is a cunning and mischievous chipmunk. Chip can be identified by his small black "chocolate chip" nose and a single front tooth. Chip is usually the more logical, positive, and cunning of the two chipmunks.


Level Requirements Time Rewards
Welcome Mickey Balloon Token30 Acorn Token8 Chip Ears Hat Token6 Magic20,000 60m No
Level 2 Mickey Balloon Token5 Acorn Token3 Chip Ears Hat Token2 Magic2,000 36s Gems1, Experience5
Level 3 Mickey Balloon Token10 Acorn Token4 Chip Ears Hat Token3 Magic3,000 36s Gems1, Experience6
Level 4 Mickey Balloon Token15 Acorn Token6 Chip Ears Hat Token4 Magic4,500 35m Gems1, Experience7
Level 5 Mickey Balloon Token20 Acorn Token8 Chip Ears Hat Token6 Magic5,850 60m Gems2, Experience8
Level 6 Mickey Balloon Token25 Acorn Token10 Chip Ears Hat Token8 Magic7,600 2h Gems2, Experience9
Level 7 Mickey Balloon Token30 Acorn Token14 Chip Ears Hat Token10 Magic9,900 4h Gems3, Experience10
Level 8 Mickey Balloon Token35 Acorn Token18 Chip Ears Hat Token14 Magic12,850 8h Gems3, Experience11
Level 9 Mickey Balloon Token40 Acorn Token24 Chip Ears Hat Token20 Magic16,700 16h Gems3, Experience12
Level 10 Mickey Balloon Token50 Acorn Token30 Chip Ears Hat Token26 Magic21,700 24h Gems5, Experience13

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards Tokens
1 Activity with Visual Animation Where's Dale? 60m Experience7, Magic40 Mickey Balloon Token Peanut Token
1 Activity with Visual Animation Cracking Walnuts
* Chip (Lunar) & Dale (Lunar)
Lvl 1
60m Experience9, Magic55
5 Search for Nuts
* Mickey's House
2h Experience10, Magic75 King Louie Ears Hat Token
2 Count the Acorns
* Chip 'n' Dale Treehouse
4h Experience13, Magic110, WDW 50th Anniversary themed Gold Trophies Dale Ears Hat Token Horn-Rimmed Glasses Token
7 Investigate Food Options
* Goofy's Playhouse
6h Experience16, Magic155 Dumbo Flag Token Judy Ears Hat Token
3 Activity with Visual Animation Crack the Nut Dale
Lvl 2
8h Experience25, Magic270 Sailor Hat Token Donald Ears Hat Token
10 Explore a Boat
* Donald's Boat
12h Experience29, Magic275 Chief's Badge Token

Lvl Activity + Time Rewards
Circle of Life Event 2017
5 Search for Nuts
* Mickey's House
2h Experience10, King Symbols20


Chip Storyline

Side Quest Chip Seeking Dale (60m)
Side Quest Raiding the Cupboard (2h)
Side Quest Taking Inventory (4h)
Side Quest Chip 'n' Donald (8h)
Side Quest To See a Tree (12h)
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