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Character Dialogue
Heihei Buk buk buk buk buk...
Moana Heihei? Where are you-- NO, Heihei! Do NOT go on my boat again! That's where the OCEAN is!
Moana Remember the ocean? The same ocean you almost drowned in about twenty different times?
Heihei Buk.
Moana Yes! THAT ocean! So, why don't you be a good little chicken and come back home to-- AARGH, STOP RUNNING AWAY AGAIN!

Chicken of the Sea[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 3
Send Heihei to not listen to Moana on her Boat.[1]
"Get on That Boat!"
2h Experience5, Magic100[2]
  1. Requires Moana's Boat
  2. The rewards were Experience10, Shiny Shells75 during Find the Way Event 2019
Character Dialogue
Moana THERE you are, Heihei! Finally... I didn't think you'd be all the way down in the bottom of the hull like that. What are you--
Heihei Blurk.
Moana ... Right. Down in the bottom of the hull... where I kept that ballast bag full of pebbles.
Moana Maui's gonna have to do that thing where he holds open your beak and shakes you upside-down for a while, isn't he?
Heihei Blurk blurk?