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Changing Course is where the Pirates of the Caribbean Storyline (Act 3) begins....

Character Dialogue
Will Turner Elizabeth and I have explored more and more land... and the Curse DOES seem to be getting weaker...
Will Turner ...but I hardly think it's because of anything WE'VE done. And, besides, we still haven't found Jack's ship!
Will Turner The two of us are planning to meet at the tavern today... hopefully, she'll have thought of some better strategy than I have.

Changing Course[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Will Turner
Level 5
Send Will and Elizabeth to strategize at the Tavern.[1]
"Strategize at the Tavern"
8h Experience30, Magic250
Elizabeth Swann
Level 5
  1. Requires Tortuga Tavern
Character Dialogue
Will Turner ... Calypso?! You can't be serious, Elizabeth! The last time we crossed paths with her, she nearly killed us both!
Elizabeth Swann Desperate times call for desperate measures, Will... And I think I've found a way to deal with her safely.
Will Turner And if anyone can find a lost ship, she can... Very well, Elizabeth... If you're sure this is a good idea, then I trust you.
Will Turner For my part... well, talking about Calypso has given me an idea of my own.
Will Turner Though I admit, it's hardly a less-dangerous one...