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Character Dialogue
Cobra Bubbles The data on that PDA will be invaluable in our fight against the robot. All the same, I'll have to revise my--
Angel GOOCHA!!! Goocha... ah, cama'ahar te tebracres?

(HEY!! You.... ah, what is your name?)

Cobra Bubbles Oh. Experiment 624, was it? You seem... agitated. What exactly is the matter?

Change of Plans!

Character Activities Time Rewards
Cobra Bubbles
Level 4
Send Bubbles and Angel to review the situation.[1]
"Review the Situation"
6h Experience5, Galactic Coins50
Level 2
  1. Requires Lilo's House
Character Dialogue
Angel ... Smish? Smish?! Lilo!!!

(I get it? I get it?! Lilo!!!)

Cobra Bubbles Yes, the part where you saw Lilo is clear... but I'd LIKE to talk about when you stole a hovercraft while Nani was distracted.
Angel ... Naga-takabah, ika patooba.

(No way, baldy!)

Cobra Bubbles Hmph. My Tantalog may be rusty... but I'll thank you to watch your tone.
Cobra Bubbles Soka...