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Character Dialogue
Dory Okay: I found Not-Argo, but there was someone else I had to... Oh! Marlin! Right. How can I use Not-Argo to get to Marlin?
Dory Let's see... Not-Argo is a boat. Boats have humans on them. Humans that want fish -- like P. Sherman! And I'm a fish!
Dory And THAT means... That means if they SEE me, they might want to CATCH me! They might... HA!
Dory HEY! NOT-ARGO! LOOK OVER HERE! It's me! I'm a fish! A fish that's DEFINITELY not trying to lead you anywhere, probably!

Change of Heading[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 2
Send Dory to bait the Sub into following her.[1]
"Bait the Submarine"
8h Experience5, Sand Dollars50
Character Dialogue
Dory WHOOOO!!! I led it to the cove! I led it to the cove! I... What did I lead to the cove, again? I feel like that was important.
Dory Well, whatever it is had better watch out -- there's a SUPER mean big yellow whale around here!
Dory Yeah! It's a REAL jerk! Just... came out of nowhere and rammed into those loose rocks at the side of that co-- ... Ohhhhhh.
Dory Wow. I can't believe that whale was trying to get Marlin out of that cove this whole time!
Dory Serves me right for judging, I guess...