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Character Dialogue
Roo ... And then I found this Useful Net, but then I lost Rabbit!
Kanga Goodness... Well, I think Rabbit may have lost himself, dear -- but it's very good of you to let me know either way!
Kanga Don't you worry: I'll make sure he finds his way back to his house. Why don't you look for Piglet in the meantime?
Roo Really?! Thanks, Mama! I'll do a good job -- I promise!

Change Partners![]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 5
Send Kanga and Rabbit back to Rabbit's House.[1]
"Back to Rabbit's House"
4h Experience5, Pooh Badges50
Level 5
  1. Requires Rabbit's House
Character Dialogue
Roo Hello, Rabbit! Guess what I just did! Go on -- guess!
Rabbit *sigh* ... Hello, Roo. I'd like to... but I'm really very tired. You see, before your mother found me, I was trying to--
Roo I just found Piglet!!!
Rabbit You found--?! WELL! Goodness gracious -- I suppose I'm glad that at least ONE of us did!
Kanga Haha! You sure have a funny way of saying things sometimes, Rabbit!