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Frozen Event Update
Frozen Event Update
A storm is brewing in the Kingdom in the latest update
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Frozen Event Update

Join Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff on a frosty journey to find the source of the storm that is brewing in the Kingdom. This update is crammed with plenty of festive new content, including Elsa's Ice Palace and holiday costumes for Mickey and Minnie!

New Content

New Quests

New Characters

New Costumes

New Attractions

New Concessions

New Decorations

New Float

New Land Expansion

New Enchanted Chests


Winter Wonders Event

  • Collect Event Currency to Welcome new limited-time characters, build attractions, and adorn your Kingdom with Frozen decorations!
  • Character tokens can be acquired through various activities, but the Frozen Snowflake can only be acquired through the Snowgies (see "Capture The Snowgies" for more information).
  • Each chapter of the Event is released on a pre-set date and time.
  • The Event will end on January 2, 2016 at 11AM EST, so make sure to collect all of the limited-time content and Frozen characters quickly!
  • Once you've welcomed the characters and earned the attractions, you will be able to keep them forever.
  • If you're a new player, the Event will begin once:
  • To get the event started, make sure that you're connected to the internet. If it hasn't popped up yet, try the following:
    • Have the game opened for about 5 to 10 minutes
    • Go to in-game Options > Language > Switch to a different language > Close Options, then re-open Options > Language > Switch back to your preferred language
    • Make sure that you've restored California Screamin' and acquired Mickey's Pirate Costume
    • If all fails, please contact Customer Care to assist you by going to the in-game Options > Customer Care

A Holiday Touch

  • The Main Street has been adorned with winter decorations! Make sure to explore this holiday wonder when you log in.

Capture The Snowgies!

More Space, More Gain: New Land Expansion

  • We've unlocked a new land for you near Space Mountain! What will you be filling this space with?
  • As you may have already read about why new land expansions take time in our FAQs, our main focus is not only to bring more updates and content, but to optimize the game so that everyone can enjoy the beautiful graphics and animations while maintaining the high quality standard of our updates. We’ll be releasing more lands in due time, so stay tuned!


  • Attractions and characters won from Enchanted Chests will appear larger in the possible rewards screen to show off more details
  • Removed Banner Lamppost from Platinum Chests, and Fun Fire Hydrant from Bronze Chests Yes
  • New Flash Card Tutorial pop-ups help the tutorial flow smoother with concise instructions and stronger visuals.
  • Flash Cards can be flipped over individual to reveal more detailed information.

Game Balances & Changes

General Yes

Attractions Yes

Character Activites & Tokens Yes

Bug Fixes

  • Happiness System - visual fix to show Bonus Magic being received at 10% more (previously, the Bonus Magic calculation was correct, but visually, the incorrect amount was showing)
  • Various crash fixes

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