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The Emperor's New Groove Update
The Emperor's New Groove Update
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The Emperor's New Groove Update

Boom, baby! It’s all about Kuzco. Join characters from The Emperor's New Groove in a new, drama llama-filled addition to the main Kingdom Quest storyline!

Help Kuzco and Pacha out of another hairy predicament, while Kronk and Yzma try to finish the job - just don't forget the spinach puffs!

Maleficent is back! Help Gord lend a hand in our latest Tower Challenge, starting on August 27th. Defeat Maleficent and clear the curse to earn new bonus content during the Event!

Download the update August 25th*, 2020!

* Please note: Some platforms may receive the update at a later date, but don't worry – everyone will have access to unlock the new content at the same time. Please stay tuned to the official Disney Magic Kingdoms Facebook page for more information!

New Content

New Quests

New Characters

New Attractions

New Concessions

New Parade Float

New Land Expansion

Tower Challenge Updates & Improvements

Wreck-It Ralph Tower Challenge
Brace yourself for a surprising addition to the Wreck-It-Ralph family, in an unexpected back-to-back Tower Challenge extravaganza!

Gord is arriving to lend a hand in the Kingdom after a looong time coming. Either way, we're sure you'll be shouting with joy! Successfully defeat Maleficent, and Kingdomers will also get a chance to unlock bonus content that you can put those extra Maleficent Coins towards. Good luck!

The Tower Challenge starts on August 27th, 2020! Are you up to the challenge?

Points and Maleficent Coins
When choosing Characters to Challenge the Tower, the screen will now show the number of Points and Maleficent Coins that can be earned per Character.

Event Shop Bonuses
Veteran Kingdomers, rejoice! Looking to spend those extra Maleficent Coins somewhere after you’ve reached all of the Milestone Rewards? Look no further!

Event Shop Bonuses will unlock when you’ve obtained the final Milestone in every Chapter of The Tower Challenge. Missing the final Milestone in any Chapter will prevent you from unlocking the next Chapter’s Bonuses, so be sure to take advantage of the Full Team Bonuses and check back often!

Game Balancing and Changes

Why do we rebalance the game? Disney Magic Kingdoms is a game with many interconnected systems. Since our initial launch, we have added a lot of new features and content, and each time we do this, it can significantly affect how these systems interact with each other. To ensure that the gameplay experience remains as intended, we are sometimes required to make balancing changes. Ultimately, rebalancing the game is necessary so that Disney Magic Kingdoms is fun and enjoyable for all. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Decoration ChestsYes
The following Decorations have been removed from the Decoration Chest:

The following Decorations have been added to the Decoration Chest:

Concession ChestsYes
The following Concessions have been removed from the Concession Chest:

The following Concessions have been added to the Concession Chest:

Legendary ChestsYes
The following changes have been made to Wreck-It Ralph Legendary Chests:

The following Parade Float have been removed from the Legendary Chest and added to the Parade Float Shop:

Merlin's ShopYes
The following Attraction have been added to the Merlin's Shop:


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