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Hercules Event Update
Hercules Event Update
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Hercules Event Update

Well, well, well… our Wonderboy is here! Hercules, Pegasus, Meg, Phil, and more characters from the beloved Disney classic are coming to the Kingdom. Yet as always, Hades has a plan: he wants to drag Hercules down into the Underworld! Help our Heroes go the distance!

Join the time-limited Event on June 4th, and collect attractions and concessions such as Zeus' Temple, the Statue Garden, the Training Grounds and more!

Download the update June 2nd*, 2020!

* Please note: Some platforms may receive the update at a later date, but don't worry – everyone will have access to unlock the new content at the same time. Please stay tuned to the official Disney Magic Kingdoms Facebook page for more information!

New Content

New Quests

New Characters

New Attractions

New Concessions

New Decorations

New Parade Float

Features & Improvements

Chest Rewards Pop-Up
In the event of an interruption while opening Chests, a pop-up will now appear with a confirmation of the items received from the Chests!

Game Balancing and Changes

Why do we rebalance the game? Disney Magic Kingdoms is a game with many interconnected systems. Since our initial launch, we have added a lot of new features and content, and each time we do this, it can significantly affect how these systems interact with each other. To ensure that the gameplay experience remains as intended, we are sometimes required to make balancing changes. Ultimately, rebalancing the game is necessary so that Disney Magic Kingdoms is fun and enjoyable for all. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Gold TrophiesYes
The following now don't generate Gold Trophies

- Aladdin Collection Attractions and Character Activities

The following now generate Gold Trophies

- Character Activities
- Attractions

Decoration ChestsYes
The following Decorations have been removed from the Decoration Chest:

The following Decorations have been added to the Decoration Chest:

Concession ChestsYes
The following Concessions have been removed from the Concession Chest:

The following Concessions have been added to the Concession Chest:

Legendary ChestsYes
The following Character have been added to the Legendary Chest:

The following Parade Floats have been removed from the Legendary Chest and added to the Parade Float Shop:

Bronze, Resource & Attraction Enchantment ChestsYes
The following items have been added to Bronze, Resource, and Attraction Enchantment Chest:

Building EnchantmentsYes
Enchantments are now available for the following Attractions


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