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Onward Event Update
Onward Event Update
The magic is out there…
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Onward Event Update

...You just have to know where to look! Disney and Pixar's Onward comes to theaters this March, and we're ready for it! A grand and glorious quest is coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms – Ian, Barley, Laurel, The Manticore, and more characters from the film will be available during this time-limited event!

It's game night at the Lightfoot House! Following the events of the movie, Barley has coordinated only the most epic Quests of Yore game for the family to play. As they work on building their skills as fantasy versions of themselves, Ian finds his luck lacking as he gets his character into one mishap after another...

Triton's coronation anniversary date is approaching and Ariel is nowhere to be found. Sebastian tasks himself with locating her and making sure she's ready, while lo and behold, Ursula has plans of her own to commemorate the occasion... New The Little Mermaid quests are waiting for you!

Download the update March 10th, 2020!

New Content

New Quests

New Characters

New Attractions

New Concessions

New Decoration

New Parade Float

Character Quests & Activities

  • Kingdom Quests (i.e. activities that advance the main storyline of the game) will now be shown with a golden background.
  • Side Quests (i.e. activities that contain fun storylines and are not required to progress the main storyline) will now be shown with a mint background.
  • Repeatable Activities (i.e. activities with no storyline) will be shown with a white background.
  • Time-Limited Event Activities and Quests will be shown with a themed background.

Game Balancing and Changes

Why do we rebalance the game? Disney Magic Kingdoms is a game with many interconnected systems. Since our initial launch, we have added a lot of new features and content, and each time we do this, it can significantly affect how these systems interact with each other. To ensure that the gameplay experience remains as intended, we are sometimes required to make balancing changes. Ultimately, rebalancing the game is necessary so that Disney Magic Kingdoms is fun and enjoyable for all. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Jock – Premium CharacterYes

Gold TrophiesYes
The following Attractions now don't generate Gold Trophies

- The Princess and the Frog Collection

The following Attractions now generate Gold Trophies

- Onward Collection
- The Little Mermaid Collection

Character ActivitiesYes

Jack Skellington - Thinking Time
  • Possible token drop Spooky Tree Shears added
  • Possible token drop Li Shang Helmet removed
  • Possible token drop Captain Hook Ears removed
Jack Skellington - Halloween Experiments
  • Possible token drop Li Shang Helmet added
  • Possible token drop Captain Hook Ears added
C-3PO - Where Did I Leave That?
  • Time to complete changed from 1h to 4h
  • Magic Reward changed from 40 to 110
  • XP Reward changed from 7 to 13

Decoration ChestsYes
The following Decorations have been removed from the Decoration Chests:

The following Decorations have been added to the Decoration Chests:

Concession ChestsYes
The following Concessions have been removed from the Concession Chests:

The following Concessions have been added to the Concession Chests:

Building EnchantmentsYes
Enchantments are now available for the following Attractions

Language Support
Removed support and translation for the following languages

  • Indonesian
  • Turkish


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