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Toy Story 4 Update
Toy Story 4 Update
Just in time for Toy Story 4, we have new content to celebrate the film release in the latest update
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Toy Story 4 Update

A new update dedicated to two Disney and Pixar film releases!

All the way from the land of Agrabah, The Sultan and Rajah are joining their friends from Disney’s beloved Aladdin in the Kingdom during a time-limited Tower Event.

Meanwhile, your friends from are back! Just in time for Toy Story 4, we have new content to celebrate the film release! Meet new friends in the Kingdom including Bo Peep in her updated look! This permanent content will be available after the Tower Challenge.

New Content

New Quests

New Characters

New Costume

New Attractions

New Concessions

New Enchanted Chests

Event and Storyline

Tower Challenge
Maleficent is back in our latest Tower Challenge! Put an end to her sinister plans, earn prizes along the way, and earn tokens to welcome Rajah, a new addition to the Aladdin Collection!

The Sultan will also be available as a premium character throughout the Tower Challenge.

The event begins on May 23rd!

Features & Improvements

Revised Happiness Rewards
We've updated the rewards granted by Happiness. Now, Cheerful and Joyous Happiness levels will apply a bonus to your Token drop rates giving you a better chance at getting the tokens you want! We've also set the number of simultaneous wishes available to a maximum of 6.

Shop Update
We've updated the content available in the Shop. These changes are being rolled out in preparation for future updates to our Enchanted Chest system based on player feedback. Stay tuned for more information…


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