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Incredibles Event Update
Incredibles Event Update
Hurry to stop the Omnidroid and defeat Syndrome in the latest update!
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Incredibles Event Update

When the evil Omnidroid raids the park, The Incredibles arrive to save the day! Elastigirl kicks off the multi-week event... when Syndrome reveals himself and his diabolical plan to take control of the Kingdom! Hurry to stop the Omnidroid and defeat Syndrome!

New Content

New Quests

New Characters

New Attractions

New Concession

New Decorations

New Parade Float

New Parade Slot

New Land Expansions


Incredibles Event

  • Collect Incredibles Currency to Welcome The Incredibles, build new attractions, and enhance your Kingdom with the latest decorations!
  • The Event will run for 28 days.
  • Each chapter of the Event is released on a set timer.
  • Collect The Incredibles quickly, because once the Event is over, they may be gone forever...
  • Don’t worry though, you will be able to keep all the characters and buildings that you’ve earned from the Event once it’s over!
  • You will be able to level up your Incredibles characters after the Event is over.
  • You'll notice that some activities will reward Event Currency instead of Magic. Collect as much as you can to earn The Incredibles characters, attractions, and other cool stuff!
  • New activities for Jessie, Goofy, Daisy, Mike Wazowski to support the Event

Striking Gold Mini Event

  • Collect Gold Coins - Incredibles Style! A new Time Limited Event has arrived! Collect these fancy Gold Coins from various attractions and characters. Get on the Striking Gold Leaderboard for some fancy new rewards!

Main Street Cinema

  • A New Way to Earn Gems! Did you notice this neat building in our Live Stream on June 10? It’s the Main Street Cinema, where you can watch available video ads to earn Gems! When there is an available video for you to watch, a Notification bubble will appear above the Main Street Cinema. Once you’ve finished watching a video ad, you will be rewarded with Gems!


  • Confirmation button to spend Gems to skip timers has been added! No more accidental Gem spending!

Game Balances & Changes

  • We've also decreased some activity durations on existing characters to increase the pool of Wishable activities and to assist with The Incredibles Event 2016:
    • Minnie Mouse - Tidy the Garden
      • Duration decreased from 60 minutes to 3 minutes
    • Minnie Mouse - Visit Mickey's Fun Wheel
      • Duration decreased from 18 hours to 60 minutes
    • Bo Peep - Sing-Along
      • Duration decreased from 60 minutes to 3 minutes
    • Bo Peep - Visit Pizza Planet
      • Duration decreased from 12 hours to 60 minutes
    • Buzz Lightyear - Contact Star Command
      • Duration decreased from 2 hours to 8 minutes
    • Buzz Lightyear - Space Orbiting
      • Duration decreased from 12 hours to 2 hours

Bug Fixes

  • The false push notifications issue has been resolved, no more pesky inaccurate notifications! If you’ve turned the notifications off while we fixed the issue, don’t forget to turn them back on in the options menu
  • Parades that were never-ending has now been resolved, parades should finish on time and be available every 6 hours
  • Several timer-related bugs have been fixed, including the one where activity timer has not changed after certain amount of time
  • Buildings will no longer be randomly shifted into non buildable areas
  • Notification to Level up a character will no longer appear for characters that have been leveled up to the max
  • Fixed that visiting Social, Kingdoms would inflate the lifetime visitor count
  • Visitors will no longer be separated from the characters they Wish to be with
  • Crash and freeze improvements

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