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Lilo & Stitch Event Update
Lilo & Stitch Event Update
Hang ten with the gang from Lilo & Stitch in the latest update
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Lilo & Stitch Event Update

Bogus! Nani is getting ready for a meeting with Cobra Bubbles, but Lilo and Stitch are nowhere to be found! In her search for Lilo, Nani discovers that one of Jumba's projects has gotten out of hand! Hang ten with the gang from Lilo and Stitch, and help put an end to Jumba's gnarly experiment!

This excellent event begins April 19, 2018.

New Content

New Quests

New Characters

New Attractions

New Concessions

New Decorations

New Parade Float

New Enchanted Chests


Lilo and Stitch Time-Limited Event

Beauty and the Beast

Cinderella Storyline

Improved Chest Opening Experience

  • We've changed the way Enchanted Chests open to make the experience more exciting for our players. Enjoy a cleaner and more interesting way to discover what's inside your Enchanted Chests!

Improved Push Notifications

  • We've improved Push Notifications to make them more informative. We've also given you more accurate options to ensure that we send only the notifications you want to receive. Push Notification categories will now be:
    • Activity Finished
    • Character Levelled / Welcomed
    • Merlin’s Spells
    • Quest Completed
    • Parade Cooldown
    • Expansion Completed
    • Building Completed
    • Reminders / Daily Rewards
    • Chests Ready
  • In addition, we've included a Sleep Schedule to give you more control over when you receive notifications. This option stops notifications from triggering between 9 P.M. and 8 A.M. (Device Time). Any notifications scheduled for this time-period will be pushed until after the sleep schedule is over.

Visiting Home Improvements

  • Character cards in the Visiting Home screen will show a “Drops Token(s)” icon when a character can drop tokens if placed in your Kingdom. Useful information now visible at a glance!
  • The “Send Home” button in a Character's Activity List will now consistently appear at the bottom of your Quest List unless the following conditions are met:

Game Balances and Changes

Merlin Shop Yes

Enchanted Chests Yes

Tokens Yes

Characters Yes

Attractions Yes

Character Activities & Tokens Yes

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