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Winnie the Pooh Event Update
Winnie the Pooh Event Update
Time flies when you're having fun in the latest update
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Winnie the Pooh Event Update

Our lips are tightly sealed! Get the update to find out who has arrived for the new limited-time event! Collect beloved new characters, attractions, concessions and decorations before they are gone!

Celebrate the 2nd Anniversary by dressing Mickey up in his new Sorcerer costume, and watch with delight as he performs a magic show atop our new attraction: Fantasmic!

Put on your party hats, the celebration begins March 8, 2018!

New Content

New Quests

New Characters

New Costume

New Attractions

New Concessions

New Decorations

New Parade Float

New Enchanted Chests


Visiting Home

  • Players can now collect magic and access the Visiting Home Menu by tapping on the Storybook Board located near the Castle. They can also send characters home using the new option in the Characters' Activity List.

Daily Login Calendar

  • We've improved how we display current reward streaks to make it easier to track.
  • Reclaimed Reward Days will now be shown using pink check marks.
  • We've also included additional information on the tutorial cards to clarify that Reward Streaks reset to 0 upon completion. Please note that this will not impact the number of consecutive days logged in.
  • The Daily Login Calendar is only available when playing online; a new icon was added to show players when they are offline.

New Enchanted Chest Store

  • We've redesigned the Enchanted Chest Store to make rewards clearer to see.
  • Some Chest Bundles will now guarantee certain tier of rewards.

Character Bundles

  • We will now be showcasing available Character Bundles directly in the Welcoming Screen to make sure that you don't miss out on any available deals.

Game Balances and Changes

Enchanted Chests Yes

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