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Lion King Event, Jungle Book Update
Lion King Event, Jungle Book Update
Scar and his army of hyenas have been spotted lurking around the Kingdom in the latest update
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Lion King Event, Jungle Book Update

In our biggest update yet, Welcome beloved characters from The Lion King in a new limited-time event! Timon and Pumbaa come across a new land to explore, but to their dismay, they discover Scar and his army of hyenas! It's up to you, Simba, Nala, Zazu and Rafiki to protect the Pride Lands! Plus, Welcome Mowgli and Bagheera in an all-new permanent storyline!

New Content

New Quests

New Characters

New Attractions

New Concessions

New Decorations

New Parade Float

New Land Expansions


Lion King Mega Event

New Land!

  • Welcome Bullseye from Toy Story to lift the curse on an all new area!
  • Follow the storyline to unlock two new expansions.
  • We've heard you! Fit even more of your Kingdom goodies in these new areas that were designed with building in mind! The new straight edge design allows for almost twice as much usable space.

Merlin Spell - Find Chest

  • A new Merlin spell is available! Having a hard time finding a chest in your Kingdom? Visit Merlin and use some Elixir to cast the “Find a Chest” Spell to locate it! The "Find a Chest" Spell requires Merlin to be Level 2.


Merlin's Cauldron

Enchanted Chests'

Token Finder

  • The Token Finder that displays the list of sources that drop a specific token has undergone various improvements.
  • The Token Finder now shows all of the possible sources that can drop the selected token, even if they are not currently accessible or locked.
  • The Token Finder will now display if the current source is already doing the selected activity or if it is busy doing another activity.
  • The Token Finder will now prioritize sources that are immediately accessible above sources that are not currently accessible and locked.
  • The Token Finder will now display the requirements that need to be fulfilled if a source is currently unavailable or locked.

Event Bundles'

  • In addition to displaying Event Bundles in the Event Hub, they will also display in the Character Book Welcome screen for the specific character.

Game Balances and Changes

Enchanted Chests Yes

Attractions Yes

Character Activities & Tokens Yes

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