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Zootopia Update
Zootopia Update
Welcome the beloved cast from Disney's Zootopia in the latest update
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Zootopia Update

Welcome the beloved cast from Disney's Zootopia to the main storyline and unravel the case of the missing Chief Bogo with the help of Judy Hopps, her sidekick Nick Wilde and Flash in this wild, new adventure!

New Content

New Quests

New Characters

New Attractions

New Concessions

New Decorations

New Parade Float

New Enchanted Chests


Enchanted Chests

  • You can now tap to open Enchanted Chests in addition to swiping! Enchanted Chest reward cards got a makeover with a new yellow card back!
  • Receive your rewards quicker as we've optimized the Enchanted Chests opening sequence!
  • Within the Possible Rewards section for all chest types, the most exciting rewards are displayed bigger and more prominently for easier viewing.

Merlin's Cauldron

  • Having trouble accessing Merlin's spell list? Now tap anywhere on Merlin's tower or Merlin himself to access it!
  • Updated the Merlin's conjuring spell sequence to visually display more or less Elixir bottles depending on how much Elixir you are receiving.
  • The amount of Elixir that you received for conjuring items is now also displayed in a summary pop-up after the Elixir is auto-collected.

Game Balances and Changes

Enchanted Chests Yes

Merlin's Shop Yes

Attractions Yes

Character Activities & Tokens Yes

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