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Spring, Earth Day Update
Spring, Earth Day Update
Celebrate with new Easter-themed costumes for Mickey and Friends in the latest update
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Spring, Earth Day Update

It's springtime in the Kingdom! Celebrate with 4 new Easter-themed costumes for Mickey and Friends! Upgrade Merlin to Level 2 to unlock his newest spell, Merlin's Cauldron, and trade in duplicate decorations for Elixirs to buy exclusive items from Merlin's new shop! Plus, don't miss out on Earth Day gifts and special limited-time events for more goodies!

New Content

New Costumes

New Attraction

New Concession

New Land Expansion

New Enchanted Chests


Merlin's Cauldron

  • We've been listening to the community and we are excited to announce that you can now do something with the abundance of decorations you may have collected! With the help of Merlin, unleash the power of his newest spell, Merlin's Cauldron, by leveling him up to Level 2!
  • Use Merlin's Cauldron to convert excess decorations and concessions into Elixirs! More items will grant you more Elixirs, and similarly, putting in rarer decorations will result in more Elixirs.
  • Elixirs can be used to purchase special content in Merlin's new shop.

Merlin's Shop

Game Balances and Changes

Enchanted Chests: General

  • Happiness is now guaranteed with every chest you open!

Enchanted Chests: Multiple Rewards

  • Enchanted Chests now have a chance to grant multiple rewards from a single chest.

Rewards in Time-Limited Events

  • Event milestones and leaderboard tiers will now sometimes grant Enchanted Chests as a reward.
  • Participate in select time-limited events to earn Enchanted Chests as a reward through event milestones or leaderboard tiers!

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