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Sleeping Beauty Update
Sleeping Beauty Update
New characters, attractions, decorations, balance changes, as well as bug fixes in the latest update!
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Sleeping Beauty Update

Your Disney Magic Kingdoms is about to get a lot more magical with new characters, attractions and more! Introducing Disney Princess Aurora, and other beloved characters from Disney's Sleeping Beauty.

Update 1 is here with new characters, attractions, decorations, balance changes, as well as bug fixes. Speaking of which, the Daily Reward issue has been fixed. Daily Rewards will now continue from whenever you stopped receiving them – meaning you won't miss out on any of the goodies. For example, if you stopped receiving the rewards since Day 5, The Daily Rewards will resume from Day 5.

Windows players, you will now be able to grant Wishes again, as we’ve fixed the issue with the Wishes not generating. Repopulate your park with happy Visitors once more!

Some players are also reporting incorrect push notifications for completed quests. We are looking into it, but in the meantime, you can always manage your Notification Settings in the Options Menu.

New Content

New Quests

  • With the curse still affecting the Kingdom, the good fairy Flora appears to help. She gathers aid from her sisters, Aurora, and Prince Phillip who work together in order to uncover Maleficent's plot.
  • Rapunzel, freed from her tower, is excited to start exploring the world around her. However, Mother Gothel has a trap planned for the wayward princess to retain control over her and her magical hair.
  • After a long wait Mickey and all of his friends are finally reunited. With Donald back, they can work even harder as a team to make the Kingdom the happiest place on earth.

New Quests

New Characters

New Attractions

New Decorations

New Parade Float

New Landmark Attraction

New Land Expansions

Boss Battle


We've added Character Button notifications, which will let you know when new character are unlocked, available to Welcome, and ready to level up.

We've also added a neat feature to the Finder, which will now let you know when a character has completed a quest, as well as when the character has a new quest available. It also notifies you when a Parade is ready to launch. This will be useful since you can now run a parade 3 times a day!


Check out our new Options menu! And have you noticed the improvement on the tapping responsiveness? It should be easier to collect your Magic, Tokens, and Experience from attractions and decorations!

Game Balances & Changes

The Happiness System is now easier to manage! Your guests will stay Happy for a longer time, and the Wish spawn rate for Happiness Milestone 1 and 2 (Content & Cheerful) have increased.

With this new update, you can run not 1, not 2, but 3 parades per day! Time to collect those Tokens, Magic, and Gems! We’ve also increased the Parade duration, so now you can run it for a longer time. This means more bonuses for your beautiful Kingdom, so we hope you’ll enjoy them.

We've also made some changes to Burger Stands, Character Token requirements, and activity durations:

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