The Tower Challenge Events
The Tower Challenge Events
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The Tower Challenge Events

The Tower Challenge Events is a new style of event introduced with Bambi, The Tower Challenge Update on 30th May 2018. There are three “chapters” in this style of event lasting 5 days each. Characters from varying collections challenge Maleficent in her tower to earn event currency (Maleficent Coins), with different character collections used each chapter. Each chapter also features a different past event collection, with one character and one attraction from the collection available for purchase using event currency. This offers new players a way to earn (rather than buy in Legendary Chests) characters from past events.

To entice old players to keep playing, one new character is added to a past collection--Jack-Jack, Christopher Robin, The Mayor, Cri-Kee, LeFou, Rajah, Banzai, ShenziSnow White's Prince Charming, Owl,and Gord have joined the game in this way. The tokens to welcome this new character are only able to be purchased with event currency (Maleficent Coins) during the event, with a new token unlocking during each chapter. If you miss out on this character during The Tower Challenge Events, the new character will eventually be available through Legendary Chests and any tokens purchased during the event will remain in your inventory to use for leveling the character up.

During each chapter of the event, there are several character collections that can be used to “challenge the tower”. One character from each collection can be sent on this activity at a time, plus the “featured” character, for a total of 5 characters max challenging the tower at a time. When choosing Characters to Challenge the Tower, the screen show the number of Points and Maleficent Coins that can be earned per Character. When all five slots in the Character Selection screen have been filled, you will receive a boost in rewards that you can obtain from starting the Challenge. This activity lasts 2 hours. Characters earn Maleficent Points and Maleficent Coins (Maleficent Coins) for completing this activity; how many points/coins are earned depends on the levels of the characters you send out. Level 10 characters earn maximum points/coins. It is beneficial to have as many characters as possible at level 10 for this event. The points progress you through the chapter, there are rewards as you earn more points (Maleficent Coins, Decorations, Concession, Enchanted Chests), and to officially complete a chapter of the event, you need to reach the final point goal. The Maleficent Coins are used to purchase the featured character/attraction/tokens for the new character in the event shop. But, there is a bonus for completing all three chapters : Event Shop Bonuses will unlock when you’ve obtained the final Milestone in every Chapter of The Tower Challenge. It will allow you to spend your extra Maleficent Coins (Maleficent Coins) on exclusive items (such as Cinderella Comfy Costume tokens)!

After completing the activity to challenge the tower, characters become “tired” and will need to be “refreshed” before being sent out on the activity again. There are two ways to refresh your characters: (1) Refresh Tokens can be earned by certain events quests, one token is used to refresh one character one time. (2) once a day, you can refresh all of your tired characters by using the daily refresh button at the bottom of the challenge screen. This is best used when all of your characters are tired, it resets once a day at 11 am EDT. The “featured” character during each chapter does NOT get tired and will never need to use Refresh Tokens.

Twice daily, you can watch an ad in the event shop to earn a Cobalt Chests, containing a chance at earning some additional Maleficent Coins, Refresh Tokens , or tokens for the characters participating in this chapter of the The Tower Challenge Events.

Each The Tower Challenge Events has had modifications from the last one. It seems very likely that The Tower Challenge Eventss will continue to evolve and test out new features going forward.

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