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Disney Magic Kingdoms Quests

Play a Riveting Tale of Heroes and Villains

Golden quests are story quests. Complete story quests to progress in the game's main story. Progressing through the story will unlock more attractions, characters, and even more story.

Unravel and play a magical story and an exciting adventure with every tap! Take a stand against menacing villains such as Pete, Zurg, Mother Gothel and Shere Khan to save the Kingdom!

It all starts with the first quest Try Not to Panic.


The story quest order you find on this wiki follows the lead from the game. Characters are only leveled up when required for quests, letting the game dictate what happens next as intended by the Gameloft development team. When a completed quest initiates two new quests you will find the game's main story at the top in the Story progression infobox. Story quests do tend to jump back and forth, depending on your game play and character levels, your story line may be slightly different.

Type of Quests

  • Kingdom Quests (Kingdom Quest) help you build and grow the kingdom! (i.e. activities that advance the main storyline of the game) Completing these quests will lead to new characters, building, and parts of the Kingdom to explore! There are shown with a golden background.
  • Side Quests (Side Quest) tell fun stories about characters! (i.e. activities that contain fun storylines and are not required to progress the main storyline) There are shown with a mint background.
  • Time-Limited Event Activities and Quests (Event Quest) are available only for a limited time! These quests will help with the events and will go away when the event has ended! There are shown with a themed background.
  • Repeatable Activities (i.e. activities with no storyline) Shown with a white background.


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