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Nightmare Before Christmas is a character collection consisting of characters from Disney's 1993 stop motion musical fantasy horror feature film The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Collecting them all wins you M-gem.png40.


  • This category was created with the Halloween Event Update on 12th October 2016.
  • This is the fifth category created by an update.
  • This is the second category created by an event.
  • The Mayor was added with the Villain Tower Takeover Event Update on 16th October 2018 (This update was released to coincide with the film's 25th anniversary). With the addition of the 2nd page, the total reward changed from Gems (20) to Gems (24).
  • Lock, Shock and Barrel were added to the 2nd page with the Nightmare Before Christmas Part 3 Update on 6th October 2020. The rewards from the 2nd Page also changed from Gems (4) to Gems (20) and the total reward also changed from Gems (24) to Gems (40).


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