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Edit Mode

Tap and Holding

  • Tap and holding on Decorations in the Kingdom will bring you into Edit Mode.

Tap and Drag to Move Decorations

  • While in Edit Mode, Decorations can be moved by tapping and dragging it around the kingdom.
  • Customize your Kingdom to match your dreams!

Comfirm Purchase or Placement

  • When you’ve found an optimal location for an Attraction, tap the confirmation icon place it in the Kingdom!

Rotate Decorations

  • This icon rotates the Decorations, allowing you to customize your Kingdom with all kinds of fun layouts!

Store Decorations

  • Tapping this icon will store an Attraction in the Shop.
  • This useful to free up some space in the Kingdom or to save the Decorations for another time.
  • Placing it again is free!

Cancel Purchase or Placement

  • Tap this icon to cancel the purchase or placement.

Store All Buildings

The Store All Buildings feature was introduced to the game with the The Princess and the Frog Event Update on 12th February 2019.

It is unlocked after Surprise Addition Quest.

Store All Buildings to Start Fresh!

  • You can now Store All buildings from either a single zone or your entire Kingdom. This will put them all into storage so you can change your Kingdom’s Layout!

Store Buildings of Certain Type!

  • You can choose to store all building, or store only your Attractions, Concessions or Decorations. Pick a different building category at the bottom of the screen to change your selection.



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