Aladdin is a character collection consisting of characters from Disney's 1992 animated feature film Aladdin.

Collecting them all wins you Gems44.


  • This category was created with the Aladdin Event Update on 16th August 2017.
  • This is the thirteenth category created by an update.
  • This is the seventh category created by an event.
  • Rajah and The Sultan were added with the Toy Story 4 Update on 21st May 2019 (This update was released to coincide with the release of the live-action Aladdin film). With the addition of the 3rd page, the total reward changed from Gems (32) to Gems (44).
  • Despite characters from Aladdin initially being released in Aladdin Event Update on 16th August 2017, two attractions from the Aladdin collection were added with Incredibles Event Update on 15th June 2016.



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