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Character Dialogue
Dory Okay! Saving your dad. I am here to save your dad. ... What are we saving him from, again? Unless you told me that already...
Nemo It's okay -- I didn't yet! He's trapped in a tide pool, and there are these rocks, and... actually, it's kind of a long story.
Dory Ooh -- I like stories! Tell me the whole thing: I'll TRY and forget just the unimportant parts. Emphasis on "try" -- but still!

Catch-Up of the Day[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Dory and Nemo to talk in the Seas.[1]
"Talk in the Seas"
6h Experience5, Sand Dollars50
Level 5
Character Dialogue
Nemo ... And that's everything! What do you think?
Dory Okay! So, I got "boat," "pool," "rocks," and "Marlin" out of that, and the rest is... I want to say it was mostly verbs?
Dory But putting it all together... Gummo, did your dad crash his boat into a swimming pool? Because I PROBABLY can't fix that.
Nemo Haha! No, Dory... But why don't I just show you what happened? I know you'll come up with a good idea once you see it!
Dory Oh... Sure! Because I was going to say, I didn't even know your dad OWNED a boat.