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Character Dialogue
Go Go These maglev bike wheels? They'll count towards my industrial design grade. The rest of the suit... doesn't.
Go Go Which is fine, except it means I can't test my throwing discs on campus.
Go Go ... When anyone's looking.


Character Activity Time Rewards
Go Go
Level 6
Send Go Go to test her throwing discs at the Lab.[1]
"Test Her Discs at the Lab"
8h Experience5, Magic100[2]
  1. Requires Ito Ishioka Robotics Lab
  2. The rewards were Experience5, Medical Chips50 during Trouble in San Fransokyo! Event 2018
Character Dialogue
Go Go If anyone asks, I'd stay out of the steam tunnels under Ishioka Building. It's a safety thing.
Go Go ... But I wouldn't ask.
Go Go Lots of lateral space down there. You'd be surprised.