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Character Dialogue
Rajah Grrrr...
Jasmine Oh, Rajah... Why have you been so grumpy lately? I have been feeding you enough, haven't I?
Jasmine Or maybe it's because you haven't gotten used to this place yet... I'm just not sure.
Jasmine If I look in the palace library about how to cheer up a tiger, will you promise to be a good boy while I'm gone?
Rajah Grrr... Grph!

Cat Care: A Primer[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Level 1
Send Rajah to find what's bothering him.
"Find What's Bothering Him"
2h Experience5, Magic100
Character Dialogue
Jasmine Oh! I see... Tigers act that way when they're being territorial.
Jasmine Since you were the only tiger in the palace, I guess that just never came up before... But does that mean there's another--
Rajah GRRPH!
Jasmine Oh! I guess there IS another tiger in this Kingdom. And it doesn't seem like you like him very much, either!
Jasmine Don't worry, Rajah: I'll talk to Genie and see if we can scare him away! Maybe fire would work...
Rajah Rrrrr!