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Character Dialogue
Finn Okay. I sent a transmission out to Threepio... If he wants to, he'll know where to find me. Right now, I've got bigger problems.
Finn ... Like "how to warn the Resistance that they're flying into occupied territory," for example. Yeah. That's... the major one.
Finn Actually, you know what? I'll settle for "getting backup." Like, literally ANY backup at all -- and figure the rest out later.
Finn There's gotta be some kind of... I dunno, settlement around here? Anyplace I can ask around at...

Care for a Drink?[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Kingdom Build the Cantina.[1] 60m Experience5, Galactic Credits/201950
  1. Requires Finn Level 2
Character Dialogue
Finn A cantina! Yes! That'll work!
Finn I mean, I THINK it'll work. I've... only really been to one cantina before. Ever. And that one got leveled by an air strike, so...
Finn Okay, not the point. REALLY not the point.