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Character Dialogue
Mike Wazowski Okay, who was it this time?! Who put the "Kick Me" sign on my back... again!
Randall Boggs That would be me, Wazowski. Can you blame me? With your aerodynamic shape, you'd fly.
Mike Wazowski Very funny! Hey... It just occurred to me: With your stringy little neck, I bet I could get a great GRIP!

Can't Kick Me Around[]

Character Activity Time Rewards
Mike Wazowski
Level 8
Send Mike to get back at Randall.
"Dealing with Trouble"
8h Experience15, Magic100
Randall Boggs
Level 7
Character Dialogue
Mike Wazowski Never mind. I don't need to hurt Randall. That creep always finds a way to hurt himself.
Mike Wazowski Unless it's with my blistering quick wit. I'll never refrain from a finely chosen insult when it comes to Randall.
Mike Wazowski Something about that guy just makes my skin crawl.